Do Men Have a Biological Clock?

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DO MEN HAVE A BIOLOGICAL CLOCK? The biggest myth about male fertility is that man ages and nothing changes! Many men believe that no matter what they do, everything will stay the same… but is that entirely true? In general, the accepted idea that men can conceive into their later years has been widely accepted as the norm. Evidence-based research has brought important information to light in regards to a males’ ticking clock. When one… Read More »Do Men Have a Biological Clock?

Hormonal Imbalance: Common Causes in Women

Hormonal Imbalances: Common Causes in Women Hormones are powerful chemical messengers. They affect the heart, brain, bones, muscles, reproductive organs and are essential for the health of each and every cell. Hormone fluctuations occur naturally as we move through the cycle of life, from puberty through pregnancy, peri-menopause, and menopause. For women of all ages, the goal is to restore natural equilibrium and rebalance our hormones. The hormones of reproduction in women include; estrogen, progesterone,… Read More »Hormonal Imbalance: Common Causes in Women

What Exactly is a Varicocele?

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What Exactly is a Varicocele? A varicocele is a little bit of a hidden secret in the male infertility world.  It’s simply an abnormally enlarged vein on the scrotum that occurs in 15-20% of all males.   Many men who have a varicocele just ignore it, although when speaking of males with infertility issues, close to 40% have this condition. Varicocele can be easily treated with micro-surgery on an outpatient basis. What can be the impact of… Read More »What Exactly is a Varicocele?

Some Infertility Factors in Women

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A full 45% of the factors that cause infertility in couples originate with the male; another 45% originate with the female while the remaining 10% have no explanation. What about those female factors? Many diverse factors are known to contribute to infertility in women: Ovulation timing Blocked fallopian tubes Chocolate cyst (an ovarian cyst caused by endometriosis) Hyperprolactinemia (elevated milk hormone production) Thyroid hormone disorders Polyps and fibroid structures Antibody production against sperm cells Occurrences related to the… Read More »Some Infertility Factors in Women

Welcome to Concepta

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At Concepta, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We only use the finest natural ingredients to ensure that our blends are pure, potent and perfectly balanced. Concepta Solutions offers revolutionary blends of essential vitamins and botanicals which are recommended nationwide as the most successful fertility solutions. Find out how you can take control of your reproductive success today.